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Crypto is highly volatile, crashes of 20% and more are nothing out of the ordinary. The market is also always on, there are no bank holidays or operating hours. Crypto does not take breaks. And last not least, the crypto market is largely unregulated. All this makes any investment into Crypto very risky.

A good strategy to deal with these risks is to follow two fundamental investment rules:

  1. Only invest funds that you can afford to lose, even better if you mentally re-phrase it to funds that you are prepared to lose.

  2. Managing costs is much easier than managing gains.

Spending and saving with benefits

If you follow the above investment rules you will soon enough find Metal Visa Card program.

Their lowest card tier grants 1% cashback without the requirement to commit any financial investment in form of staking.*
But if you are ready to commit some investment, there are attractive options with full cashbacks on subscriptions as well as up to 8% cashback on transactions. To get these better VISA cards you will need to stake* some $CRO, which is's own token.
For instance, the Ruby Steel version gives you a 2% cashback on each transaction and up to USD 12.99 per month for your Spotify subscription. All you have to do is stake $CRO equivalent to USD 400 for a period of 6 months.
From a return perspective the ruby card pays itself off if you use my referral bonus and spend a total of USD 18,750.
Even faster if you also consider the full refund for your Spotify account.

Follow these easy steps to get your
Ruby Visa Card

The easiest way to get my USD 25 referral bonus is through the sign-up through the app. Just follow these six simple steps:
1. Download the App.

Apple Appstore

2. Tap on “Invited? Add Referral Code” above the “Sign Up” button. 

3. Add my referral code: jyawhxc5nu.

4. Submit and confirm your email.

5. Continue KYC verification by submitting a phone number, confirming it, and submitting an identification document.

6. Buy and stake $CRO for at least USD 400 and receive your Metal Visa card and the USD 25 welcome bonus.

Note: If you fail to enter the referral code on the App sign-up screen, the referral code can be added via App Settings -> Referral Code, within 5 days from having their account KYC approved.

Besides a great cashback and several other optional perks, there is no annual fee!
Find the full list of perks here.

Should you run into problems or have any questions please send them through the contact form.

*Staking or to stake refers to locking Crypto such as $CRO for a certain amount of time. In the case of the credit the period is 6 months. During this time you cannot access, transfer or sell your Crypto.

Passive income and investment? is an established provider when it comes to crypto investment services. You might have seen the Brand as Sponsor of NBA or Formula1 which should give them some credibility. It seems to be unlikely that the company will face bankruptcy or seize business in the near future. The risk as such seems to be comparably low.
Once you will receive your Visa card and make use of it, you will see a cashback credited to your balance immediately after each payment. The cashback is paid in $CRO which gives you two options:

  1. You can save the $CRO, if you believe that $CRO will increase in value.

  2. You can convert the $CRO to a stable coin (e.g. $USDT) the keep the value in a crypto that correlates with the value of a standard currency.

In addition to the named benefits connected to your card, frequent usage and cashbacks gives you one more advantage called Dollar-Cost Averaging.
Doing so will reduce the overall impact of the $CRO volatility as you will constantly receive some crypto regardless the price of $CRO.

Both options will allow you to earn an attractive passive cashback income for paying with a crypto Visa card.
For a recommendation about the best crypto saving with secure and high interest rates please continue reading this post.

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