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Welcome to your easy entry point to the world of Crypto

Crypto or Blockchain are very complex and complicated subject matters. It is unfortunately not easy to understand how it Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies work, if Crypto is safe or if it is going to crash or where to begin if one is interested in taking the first steps.

At the same time Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies become more and more relevant around the globe and across various industries. It is a phenomenon that gained a lot of attention recently and total market capitalization of Crypto skyrocketed from USD 260 billion to USD 1500 billions the past year gives a striking picture.

Graph that shows total market capitalization crypto 2018 to 2021.

Total Marketcap Crypto per June in USD according to tradingview.com

How to invest in Crypto

12-Crypto.com is all about providing short and simple information to help you to take your first steps into how to buy Crypto. You will find short texts explaining briefly

1. Why this information is provided.

2. How one could benefit from the information.

And a link to a webpage where you have the opportunity to start your Crypto journey.

A stag of crypto.com Visa debit cards.

To begin with, the best and easiest way to start with Cryptocurrencies is through a blockchain based Debit Card.

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Once you have a few currencies they can be stored to give you a decent interest.

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